Day Off Work!

Dear Diary,

I had today and yesterday off work and tomorrow off as well meaning that I’ve had a lot of spare time to get stressed, overthink, scare myself with horror movies and stressfully over-analyse every social interaction I’ve had all day – all of which is not good! Today however my Mum bought me a lovely Garnet ring from a lovely lady selling them from a stall and it made my day!

Having a few days off is essential to stop me or anyone else burning out of stress and over exhaustion, but it leads to other problems such as not being busy. Working leaves no time for OCD, overthinking and ruminating but working too often and frequently leads to burn outs and depression. It’s finding that balance that’s important.

Even now as I write this I’m feeling like throwing my phone across the room – not because I’m angry but because I’m overtired and don’t know if what I’m writing is me or some role I feel the need to play.

Anyway, me and my mother came across a stall and there were beautiful pieces of jewellery on display for great prices and my Mum asked if I wanted one! At first I couldn’t decide which one to go for but very quickly my ring caught my eye. The lady told me it was a garnet stone and I tried it on. She gave me a discount and it was so kind of her.

My ring is lovely and I’m going to wear it tomorrow to my sisters 16th birthday dinner! Thanks Mum. X

My new garnet ring!💍

A Happy Moment In A Sad Day

I’ve been feeling sad today and for the past week or so. There is no fancy adjective, metaphor or phrase to be used except to say I feel depressed. Various things and events have led to this saddness and various things and events continue to make me sad. However just the smallest thing today really made me feel better.

Despite my deppression the news that the necklace I had ordered from Etsy had arrived made me so happy. I had recently purchased an Elena Gilbert inspired locket necklace by Italian jewellery maker Lisa Carbone (LAcchiappasogni). It is amazing quality and looks exactly like Elena’s. The packaging was beautiful – I even got a free gift of beautiful earrings! Despite feeling so down and miserable today having my new necklace made me finally feel really, really happy.

Sometimes little things can make a big difference and today a little bit of retail therapy and happiness really did.

LAcchiappasogni Etsy Shop: