Sanditon Season 2 Review | Spoilers | By Medusa

There were numerous good scenes in season 2 and some very likeable new characters. I thoroughly enjoyed Georgiana and Charlotte’s friendship continued from the first season and Charlotte’s relationship with those at Sanditon.


The Vampire Diaries Thoughts #1

This is my quick review of The Vampire Diaries. Also I love all the cast and crew of the show, so shout out to them. *Will contain spoilers for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.*

Elena Gilbert is my absolute favourite character in The Vampire Diaries universe (closely followed by Hayley Marshall.) I think Elena is a good person who is brave and strong who is hated by so many fans for no good reason.

She was flawed and relatable. She could be naive but she lost so much and was always kind. The worst thing she did that people love to blame her for was switching off her humanity which was not even her fault. She was vulnerable and sired to Damon and stood no chance in resisting. Her consequent actions, in my opinion were not her fault if we go by the humanity off/on logic of the show.

People seem to criticise her for being sad or for not choosing which brother quick enough or even the fact that everyone sacrifices themselves for her. a) Elena has lost more people in horrible, violent ways than most of the characters in the show combined, b) She was always honest to Damon and Stefan and she was, oh yeah, a teenager and c) Elena is not responsible for people who choose to help her because they care about her. So yeah, I’m an Elena fan.

I think my favourite seasons were 1-3. The reason The Vampire Diaries is one of my favourite shows regardless of it’s flaws is the humour, characters, ships, music and plot. It is very entertaining and binge-watchable. The first three seasons were the best written in my opinion – though there were brilliant episodes in later seasons.

I think some of my favourite dynamics, relationships and plots were featured in season 2 and it was probably my favourite season of the show.

I was always both a Stelena and Delena shipper however I was consistently pissed off with Stefan (and Caroline) in season 4 when they were quite unsupportive to Elena, treating her like she was broken and damaged-goods after she turned into a vampire and was struggling. Stefan’s character after season 3 became a lot more hypocritical considering how supportive Elena had been during Stefan’s difficult times. Whilst Stefan tried to “fix” her, Damon tried to help her (even if it lead to humanity-off Elena). However I am and will always be both team Stelena and Delena. Bite me.

Season 1-2 Caroline I really liked and she has fantastic moments throughout the show, however after season 2, I found aspects of her character very frustrating. In fact the way most people feel about Elena is the way I feel about Caroline. It’s nothing against Candice King who I think is amazing but I just don’t really like Caroline as much as everyone else seems to.

The most controversial opinion I have towards The Vampire Diaries is probably shocking to most. I don’t ship Klaroline. That may sound insane as it’s one of the most shipped couples in the show but I just don’t like them together. I honestly really liked Forewood. For the record I like Klaus – he is a great villian in season 3 of the show and I liked him even more in The Originals but I find his relationships with the characters on The Vampire Diaries illogical and poorly written.

For one; Klaus is extremely old and has lived for centuries, Caroline is an 18-ish year old new vampire who is beautiful, smart and funny. But in all honestly they don’t have anything really in common other than they are both vampires and hot. I just don’t see why an ancient vampire would be so into a young vampire who he has nothing in common with. Stefan and Damon were drawn to Elena due to the fact that she is the doppelganger of the vampire who sired them and the relationship was built from there. I found Klaus’ relationship with Camille in The Originals more believable and stable than his and Caroline’s as it made sense for them to fall in love. Also I didn’t really like Rebekah in The Vampire Diaries but she became one of my favourites in The Origninals.

Klaus is an antagonist in the show and I really liked Aunt Jenna so the fact that Caroline got together with Klaus after he had killed her for power and murdered Tyler’s mother ( her ex-/boyfriend’s mother who was awful to her at first but then tried to help her and Tyler escape Mystic Falls in the end of season 3 ) really bad. People seem to think that is totally okay and have the audacity to blame Tyler for being rightfully pissed.

As much as we may love the characters of this show, none of them are blameless, but out of all of them Klaus seems to me personally, to be the worst morally and that’s great for a villain and even better for an anti-hero in his own spin-off. I’m not saying that Damon or Stefan or any of the other vampires are innocent, but out of all of them Klaus has done the most personal damage to the group by murdering both Elena and Tyler’s loved ones and by torturing and trying to kill most of her friends without ever growing from his actions.

Something that I dislike about Caroline’s character is her judgement of Elena. Caroline made Elena feel bad about her relationship with Damon and it was unnessecery. ( Putting aside the contraversial Damon-Caroline plot-point in season 1.) She was being judgemental and unfair and extremely hypocritical considering Tyler wasn’t exactly a Boy Scout and she is attracted to Klaus. When Caroline’s mother sadly passes away and Caroline is about to switch off her humanity, Elena tries to stop her. When Elena shares her personal experience Caroline says that Elena makes everything about her and then snaps her neck before going on a murderous rampage.

Whilst Caroline was rightfully upset about her loss, but knowing that she would potentially kill and harm innocent people is anything but okay. Elena didn’t have a choice as she was sired to Damon at the time but Caroline did and she chose to potentially hurt innocent people. This in on itself is not the reason I don’t like her as much as other fans do, as many of the other characters have done equally as bad things, but the way people claim Elena is an awful person when Caroline chose to feel nothing and put people’s lives at risk is ridiculous to me. Basically, long story short, I didn’t really enjoy most of Caroline’s storylines.

An annoying aspect of The Vampire Diaries was the shows constant revival of characters. After heartbreaking emotional deaths and crying viewers, it feels annoying to then have said character return even if they are a favourite. Killing and bringing back characters willy nilly only leads to decreased stakes and makes any emotion for their deaths feel pointless.

Another annoying aspect is the shows reluctance to acknowledge past romances between characters. You get invested in a ship and then five minutes later they like someone else, have broken up and it’s almost never talked about again.

When Elena left at the end of season 6 the show really began to suck (pun intended) in my opinion. To me it was clear that the only reason they were continuing the show was for profit rather than telling a good story and some of the plots I found both annoying and uninteresting. I missed the love triangle between the Salvatore brothers and Elena as it was my favourite aspect of the show. In all honestly I support Katherine’s view point – she should have just loved them both.

The whole Alaric and Caroline babies/romance plot was ludicrus in my opinion. Whilst I’m glad they didn’t get rid of Candice because she was pregnant the whole magical twin pregnancy in my opinion was stupid ( although I love Lizzie and Josie ). I loved Ric as Damon’s best friend and as Elena and Jeremy’s guardian/parent but once he stopped being the Gilbert siblings parent I started to not like him as much. I didn’t ship Steroline either and hated the fact that at the end of the show they got married and Caroline turned the Salvatore manor into a school for witchcraft and wizadary. I’m sure Legaicies is good but I just have no interest in it anymore especially how the show came at the expense of the last season of The Orignals which killed off Hayley (my second favourite), Klaus and Elijah.

I seem to be the only person ever who shipped Bonnie and Jeremy (Beremy) but regardless of their breakup – no-one can deny that Bonnie Bennett deserved so much better than the ending she got at the end of the show. In all honesty I didn’t enjoy the last two seasons and wasn’t crazy about the ending either.

Ultimately I think the earlier seasons were the best and that whilst the whole show was flawed and had things that annoyed me, it is ultimately one of my favourite shows ever. I know that this post is going to have a lot of mixed emotions about it. I respect everyone’s opinions but I am equally allowed to have my own.