This movie is so bad that you will forget to be appalled at the acting and offensiveness. Also didn’t Sia say she was going to remove the restraint scenes? Because I just unfortunately bought the movie on Amazon Prime to make this review and the restraint scenes where still there with not even a warning as promised by Sia. So that’s another thing Sia has screwed up on – she seems really sorry doesn’t she?

I have just finished watching this monstrosity and I have many different opinions. This movie is sort of incredible in a way. It offends filmmaking, autism and the eardrums all in one go.

First of all the songs are repetitive both individually and collectively, all of the songs have virtually the same meaning and each song contains a sentence which is repeated over and over until you welcome death. This movie features scenes that made me who hasn’t got anywhere near the functionality of the protagonist uncomfortable, so I dare say how people with that level of additional needs may feel watching this.

Another problem to do with the general movie production was the plot. I don’t even care enough to get into the plot it’s your average bad girl takes care of disabled child and becomes good and makes out with hot neighbour – a tale as old as time. But there are so many random side-plots, one in particular ends very dramatically and the main characters never even address what had happened, the characters don’t even know what had happened and other than a dance number including someone from the side-plot – we never see them again.

Maddie Ziegler’s portrayal as an autistic person was laughable at the best of times and cringeworthy at the worst. I have already in previous posts listed my issues with her being cast, her portrayal and how she was instructed to learn about autistic people so I won’t cover that again. I just wanted to assure you that yes it is just as bad as it is in the trailer, just so much longer.

I knew that there was the park restraint scene where Zu (Kate Hudson) restrains Music (Ziegler) down in a way that is extremely dangerous but I had no clue about the one where (Leslie Odom Jr.) sits on her to restrain her. It is weird seeing two adults restrain a child in a dangerous way, it’s even to see a grown woman let a man she doesn’t know sit on her upset sister in her bedroom. That’s just weird for a start and the method of restraining as I’ve stated, can be fatal for people with autism.

I was half expecting this to be from a directional, musical and visual standpoint masterpiece, because what else would make the Golden Globe nominators overlook the offensive and dangerous scenes. But no this movie is truly crap and one can only assume there is a very woke person feeling very happy with themselves, for showing that poor disabled movies are included.

Hope you are all well.


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