Sanditon Season 2 Review | Spoilers | By Medusa

There were numerous good scenes in season 2 and some very likeable new characters. I thoroughly enjoyed Georgiana and Charlotte’s friendship continued from the first season and Charlotte’s relationship with those at Sanditon.

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Blood and Ash Book 1 & 2 Spoiler Review | Rated: *

As usual this review will contain spoilers and I do not hate the author or anyone who enjoyed these two books. If you enjoyed this book – that is great, I however would like a refund. I’m not even going to attempt to summerise these two books because I have neither the energy nor comprehension […]

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To Kill A Kingdom Book Review – SPOILERS

Warning if you have not read the book and do not wished to be spoiled please do not keep reading! I’ve just finished the book mere minutes ago and I have a lot of thoughts about it so I’m going to skip the summary as I’ll assume that those who read this review have also […]

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Depressed, Angry And Then…Came A Moth

Dear Diary, My OCD is shocking today. I’ve broken my own rules by showering two days in a row for the sole purpose of pleasing my OCD. I don’t even care though; that seems completely irrelevent to me right now. I can’t find myself caring enough to do anything right now. My parents are annoying […]

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My Dog Died Today

My Dad told me this morning that my dog Oscar had died a few hours ago. I got up and rushed downstairs to see my dog in blankets. I touched his fur. We will bury him tomorrow and his body is currently wrapped in blankets in our Summer House. Regret is the one thing I […]

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Starting a Blog:

Turns out OCD and autism are not good when it comes to using WordPress. For the last few hours I’ve been clicking at various random symbols – many of which I am still unfamiliar with – and created this blog. There is a part of me that is crushed that my blog already is imperfect. […]

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